Bulldog Metals Ltd are a Manchester based Scrap Metal Dealer who specialise in all Non Ferrous Scrap Metals.

Established in 2009, we are a privately owned company whose core business is the recycling of metal rich waste products such as Household Cable.

Cable Recycling

Our cable recycling process includes the recovery of copper, lead, aluminium, steel and plastic from virtually any type of copper cable. Once sampled and graded the cable is then shredded or stripped. The stripping process is used to seperate any metals other than copper from the outer layers of the cable, the inner copper cores are then shredded to reduce its size before going to granulation. This process then seperates the copper and plastics into small granules. The end products of the granulation process are of such a high quality, they are then re used in the production of new copper and new plastic materials.

Our Philosophy


Bulldog Metals Ltd are committed to transparency, integrity and rigorous ethical standards to their employees, customers and the environment.


Bulldog Metals Ltd strive to ensure successful Business Relationships are developed between Customers, Business Partners and Employees. Our Business Relationships are based on mutual respect, trust and professionalism.


Bulldog Metals Ltd are committed to the ongoing growth and development of its business by:

  • Providing the best prices to our Customers
  • Providing ‘first class’ Customer Services
  • Constantly reviewing and developing our Business Processes
  • Reinvestment into Employees, Plant and Machinery

Mission Statement

To exceed our customer’s expectations by providing a transparent and professional service.

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